Baking for Breakfast

Baking for Breakfast

Baking for Breakfast provides a simple, concise and fun introduction to baking in the artisan tradition. This beautifully crafted eBook offers up time-honoured classics alongside exciting new flavour combinations and inspirations for a wholesome and delicious breakfast.

Breakfast Recipes

Fifteen delectable recipes from sourdough, crumpets and bacon muffins to decadent Nutella waffles and chewy cinnamon bagels.


Techniques section demonstrates essential practical skills such as kneading, shaping and proving.

Useful Videos

Video demonstrations of key techniques and recipe steps show you how to get the best results from simple ingredients.

100+ Images

Detailed step-by-step guides with over 100 images.

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Baking for Breakfast will ensure that you never have a boring breakfast again!


Alex Lambert was born in Luton, UK and has always been passionate about food. So much so that in 2011 he left his job at a research laboratory to pursue his dream of cooking for a living. He began working in restaurants and cafes and during this time developed a love for real, artisan bread. He trained as an artisan baker at the award-winning School of Artisan Food in Nottinghamshire where he is still remembered for his beer-guettes, mushroom brioche and flour-encrusted uniform. Read more…

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